December 2023

A wonderful place to find tranquility amidst the busy city.

Jean-Marie Ceolin
Aachen, Germany

Listen to the sound of Germany

Please use headphones for a binaural listening experience!

The associated spectrogram looks like this.

Artificial head technology:
As if you were in the sound field yourself

Listeners can only perceive sound signals true to level, direction, distance, and timbre that are transmitted aurally accurately. To achieve this, the sound signals generated by a playback system when listening to a recording must be comparable to the sound signals that reach the eardrum in the original sound field.

Binaural artificial head systems record sounds as humans would perceive them in the original sound field by correctly reproducing all acoustically relevant components. As binaural recordings contain all the information necessary for human hearing, they enable sound source localization, for example.

Only aurally accurate recordings take human hearing perception into account and thus allow the authentic evaluation of sound events.

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