My ears enjoy the sound of gentle waves;
my eyes delight in the reflections of light and the mystical wisps of mist;
my soul relishes in the tranquility.

Gerd Halter
Achensee, Tirol, Austria

Listen to the sound of Austria

Please use headphones for a binaural listening experience!

The associated spectrogram looks like this.

What is "soundscape"?

The description and evaluation of acoustic environments work best with a holistic soundscape concept for urban planning, noise control, room acoustics, vehicle NVH and Active Sound Design. "Soundscape" is the acoustic environment perceived, experienced, or understood by people in the respective context. The concept not only answers the question of how loud sounds are but how people perceive them in a specific situation. Standardized in the ISO 12913 series, the term "soundscape" and the associated methods always include human perception as a "measuring instrument."

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