Welcome to the Front Row!

As in the previous year, the digital "Days of Acoustics" with free online seminars will be held instead of the face-to-face event "Day of Acoustics." In 2021, we offer two sessions on each of the three days at 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.

Each day provides insights into individual key topics: Efficient structural dynamics, new possibilities with ArtemiS SUITE 13, best practice examples from data acquisition to evaluation, and, of course, always lots of tips and tricks.

Please note:

Our online seminar series "Days of Acoustics 2021" will be held in German only. However, you will find videos of the sessions with English subtitles or dubbing on our website after the events.

German Sessions

Dates & Topics

  • Model creation with a scanner, CAD, or by hand
  • Excitation measurements – precise and fast
  • Modal analysis has never been so easy
  • Matching with simulation data in a software tool
  • ODS – see what's happening

Till Papenfus and colleagues

  • Working with ATFX
  • Align measurements
  • Application in home automation
  • Tips & tricks

Jens Viehöfer and Till Papenfus

  • New frontends
  • Functional enhancements in SQuadriga III
  • Functional enhancements in ArtemiS SUITE Recorder
  • Binaural measurement

Thilo Leitmann


2020年のDay of Acousticsの一連のオンラインセミナーはHEAD acousticsの最新の音響振動分析の開発にフォーカスしました。