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A2B – A new technology for acoustic testing in vehicles

We are pleased to provide information about our new Automotive Audio Bus (A²B®) interface for testing and optimizing all types of products connected to this bus proliferating in the automotive industry.

The online seminar addresses anyone who is familiar with A²B as well as people who wish to learn more about the subject.

In the course of the session, we will:

  • Present our solution coreA2B
  • Compare coreA2B with other solutions on the market
  • Discuss its applicability in various measurement tasks, such as
    • ITU-T P.1100/1110 for vehicle hands-free
    • ITU-T P.1150 for in-car communication
    • Electro-acoustic testing and advanced debugging
  • Provide a chance for participants to share experiences and deepen their knowledge in form of a Q & A session

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