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Introduction to ArtemiS SUITE / Basic ArtemiS SUITE Use


One-day course
8:30 AM to 4:00 PM


Target group:

This seminar is aimed at the panorama of users: from those new to the field of sound, sound quality and vibration analysis, to those with greater engineering familiarity but unacquainted with the power, logic, use-efficiency and flexibility of ArtemiS SUITE.


Basic knowledge about data acquisition and fundamentals of acoustics and vibration is an advantage. The half-day training courses Introduction to ArtemiS SUITE Recorder and Basics of NVH Analysis, while not strictly required, are highly recommended as prerequisites.

Seminar Objectives:

In this one-day class, preferably taken after the Basics of NVH Analysis class, you will be fully introduced to the structure, control and use of the versatile and flexible analysis software ArtemiS SUITE. With hands-on practical examples, you will understand its philosophy, program structure and most important basics and functions.

This seminar is not limited to “how the software works” although it provides that instruction. It is mainly intended to solidify the thought processes, work goals and flow for using ArtemiS SUITE, while informing the user about what is possible, and how.


  • Organization and logic: the Project, and Documents it can create: the Document Window
  • The Player and other Tool windows: auxiliary windows
  • Working interactively: playing/listening/filtering: the core concept
  • The Mark Analyzer (MA) and Data Viewer (DV)(documents: MA for interactive listening)
  • The Mark Editor: cutting to time or RPM
  • Exports, imports
  • Data acquisition review
  • Manipulations, cursors, copying/pasting, dragging/dropping
  • Reports (basics)


Training material is provided in print and as pdf on a USB stick. Notebooks and front ends are available for all participants.

Available at your location for 4 registrations or more.
The number of participants is limited to a maximum of 10. In this way, we guarantee each participant an individual support.

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