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  ArtemiS suite - Features
ArtemiS SUITE - Features
Powerful software solution for sound and vibration analysis (data acquisition, analysis, playback, reporting, data management).
Modular structure for individual configurations.
Extensive possibilities of analysis for your multi-channel sound and vibration data.
Besides the usual analyses such as FFT, third octave spectrum and order analysis, there are psychoacoustic analyses such as loudness, sharpness and a variety of other analyses.
In the Mark Analyzer there are various Playback Filters filters available, the effect of which can be verified immediately during the playback. Changing the filter parameters directly affects the playback, as well.
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With the extended psychoacoustic analyses such as relative approach, weighted modulation spectrum analysis or the hearing model, all the latest tools are at your disposal for perceptual based analyses.
Calculation of roughness and tonality based on a hearing model of Sottek.
The Add-In allows full integration of own analyses and filter into ArtemiS suite.
Data Viewer displays results of analyses conveniently in various diagrams and exports easily to PowerPoint.
Easy and efficient Reporting with PPTX and PDF export.
In the report analysis results, texts, images, documentation etc. can be put together according to individual specifications.
Use 2D and 3D charts, XY chart, single values chart, and color band chart to visualize the data.
With Mark Analyzer, analyze and listen to your recordings at the same time. Include your hearing in your evaluation.
Online-filtering in the Mark Analyzer for simple optimization of sound quality or the detection of disturbing noise components.
Pool Project: With powerful filter, analyses and statistics even challenging tasks can be done with minimal training and setup time.
Compact Analysis Project: Fast data screening and analysis with greatly simplified operation tools. Ideal for occasional users or users needing a lesser “toolbox”.
Automation Project: Realization of automated measurement and analysis tasks – Generate analyses including reports at the push of a button.
Standardized Test Project: Measurement and analysis of standardized test sequences according to defined testing procedures. Individually configurable with automated processing of all measurements as well as presentation of results in one report (with PPTX and PDF export).
Calculation Project: Statistics for measurement data and analyses as well as per channel calculation.
Sound Engineering Project: Manipulate your noise recordings with FIR or IIR filters and an interactive working method that follows image processing software in order to identify disturbing noises. Noise components or orders can be deleted or synthesized.
Metric Project: Based on results from your listening tests, generate an appropriate noise metric from the analysis results. This allows the representation of the perceptive evaluation by the test persons.
Aurally adequate playback with    labP2.
Diverse playback possibilities, e.g. in Mark Analyzer for hearing and analyzing at the same time, for example using the playback spot feature. The playback spot defines the area of interest within the diagram for playback.
Videos recorded with SQobold and a webcam will be displayed synchronously with the audio playback.
When GPS data has been recorded, the current position and the driven route are displayed on a map during playback.
Data acquisition
Impact Measurement: Guided data acquisition with impact hammer for modal analysis in
  HEAD Recorder
Further tools
HEAD Navigator for quick and easy access of files.
HDF-Tools: concatenating or merging of HDF files as well as the possibility of changing channel properties such as name, unit or sensor sensitivity retroactively.
User documentation: Document your measurements according to your requirements. Use the documentation for research or in your report.
Database function, e.g. for quick searches and retrieval of files.
Application of tolerance schemes offer the possibility to test whether measurements are within tolerances.
Comprehensive options for import and export.
Data preparation for CAN, OBD, FlexRay, Pulse and GPS data.
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