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H3S - Overview of H3S Tool Packs (STP)
The H3S Base Software (Code 7007) can be extended with the tool packs listed below, matching your specific requirements:
H3S TP1 (Code 7008)
H3S real-time switching between different engines
Switching between up to three different, previously loaded, engines in real time during the running simulation
H3S TP2 (Code 7009)
H3S Real-time filtering
Channel-selective real-time filtering of airborne and structure-borne sounds of engine, wind and tires. Up to ten filters can be activated simultaneously (e.g. variable filters, highpass, lowpass, bandpass and parametric filters, controlled by RPM, order or speed)
Order generators (up to 10 orders) (MS Excel is required for reading the RPM- or order-controlled filters curves)
Possible configuration filters
and order syntheses
H3S TP3 (Code 7010)
H3S Playback of vibration channels
Authentic playback of recorded vibration via an additional, digital sound card. Control of the vibration subject to the driving situation.
H3S TP4 (Code 7011) -
H3S driving dynamics model
Driving dynamics model for use in a stationary environment. Users can choose between conventional and automatic transmission (with Tiptronic). Via MS Excel the driving dynamics model can be configured individually. (MS Excel is required for individual configuration of the driving dynamics model.)
H3S TP5 (Code 7012)
H3S interface for    PROGNO[I]SE
A specific analysis, modification and simulation of the transfer paths is possible with the advanced module for the    synthesis software PROGNO[I]SE. Up to 10 critical paths each can be analyzed individually, for example, to determine the effect of vehicle components on the complete sound.
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