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HEAD VISOR - Features
Mobile "all in one" solution
Together, the hardware and software compo- nents of HEAD VISOR constitute a perfectly match system that provides all required parts.
Simply    set up the hardware components, turn them on and immediately HEAD VISOR delivers live video images with a synchronous, superimposed, high-resolution map of sound sources.
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Unlimited online processing
Source mappings, analysis results and audio signals are calculated and displayed in real time - continuously and not time-limited. All analysis settings and modifications to the sound sources are immediately reflected by the results you get.
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Multi-band beam forming
HEAD VISOR delivers all results online, i.e. source maps, analysis results, audio signals, auralizations etc. are available immediately. The influence of modifications, filtering or changes to the sound sources can be viewed instantaneously.
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Coherence filtering and enhancement
HEAD VISOR calculates the coherence of the array microphones with a reference sensors (microphone, accelerometer etc. online and removes or amplifies the corresponding sound components. The coherence analysis allows an additional differentiation between direct sound and reflections as well as the use of different plot dynamics for coherent and non-coherent sources for a better localization of low-level sources.
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At several user-defined positions in the image, the emitted sound signal can be calculated, auralized and exported for further analysis, e.g. with    ArtemiS suite.
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FreezeBuffer/ Slow motion
HEAD VISOR continuously buffers e.g. the last 25 seconds - regardless of whether a recording is just being made. The multi-step slow motion function (down to freezing a single frame) always keeps source mapping, video image, analysis and auralized audio signals synchronized (without affecting the pitch).
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Detection of distances to sources located behind each other using three industrial-grade cameras. The distance between the HEAD VISOR array and the measurement object can be determined manually as well as using the autofocus mode.
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Order analysis
For the online monitoring of RPM-dependent changes, an RPM signal can be fed into the data stream. The single-band mapping then shows the noise emitted from the chosen order.
Export possibilities
Source mappings can be exported as AVI videos (with sound) or still stand images (JPG, BMP, PNG) and audio signals can be exported as WAV or HDF files.
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