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HEAD VISOR - Components
Software   look at data sheet
Beam forming provides plenty of information in the form of source maps, audio signals, spectra etc. Together with a vast number of possible configuration parameters, this can quickly make the user lose his overview.
But which parameters does the user really need, and how often? How can they be accessed? And which parameters can be automated?
HEAD VISOR software has been designed with a major focus on usability, in order to design a graphical interface allowing the user to work efficiently.
HEAD VISOR (Code 7500)
Software for online localization of sound sources, basic version
HEAD VISOR core (Code 7510)
Software for offline processing of HEAD VISOR recordings
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HEAD VISOR Tool Pack 01
(Code 7501)

MultipleEye focus for distance determination
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HEAD VISOR Tool Pack 02
(Code 7502)

Order analysis
HEAD VISOR Tool Pack 03
(Code 7503)

Coherence filtering/ enhancement
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Hardware   look at data sheet
HEAD VISOR is a complete system consisting of perfectly matched individual components, from the microphones to the monitor. A major focus in the development process was on functionality, mobility, ruggedness and quick mounting/ dismantling.
Combined with the minimal wiring requirements, you are ready for operation within a very short time.
VMA I.1 (Code 7521)
HEAD VISOR microphone array, spiral version, 80 cm diameter
VMT I.1 (Code 7580)
Tripod for microphone array
VFE I.1 (Code 7541)
HEAD VISOR front-end
CLL XL.10 (Code 7561)
Connection cabel VMA I.1 to
VFE I.1 LEMO5 40-pin > LEMO5 40-pin, 10 m
VPC I.1 (Code 7550)
VTM I.1 (Code 7581)
20" TFT monitor, DVI
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