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NVH - Products - Overview
Binaural Recording Systems
With binaural recording systems it is possible to record sounds in a way that is exactly as if you were present in the sound field.
Binaural recording is required to achieve the correct hearing sensation during playback, since it records signals in a way that corresponds with human hearing.
The artificial head from HEAD acoustics is undoubtedly the most recognizable recording system in the world.
Front Ends
Whether it is a four-channel or a multichannel system – HEAD acoustics offers a wide range of mobile, modular front ends for multichannel requirements.
The front ends support the connection of a wide range of dynamic measurement transducers and offer the technology required for all applications in the field of NVH as well as measurement parameters from other areas.
Acquisition & Analysis Software
With our software products, you can perform data acquisition, data analysis and playback all from one source, tailor-made to meet your specific requirements.
The software features high efficiency and flexibility with a wide range of analysis capabilities.
Test systems
HEAD acoustics offers software and hardware for
special fields of applications.
Learn more about our test systems for braking and for sound source localization.
Playback Systems
The true-to-original and aurally-accurate playback of the recordings are of greatest importance for the playback systems from HEAD acoustics.
Our technologies utilize human hearing and offer the possibility to “listen into” the recording and analyses at any time.
Listening Studios
Jury testing is becoming more and more important, as the purchase decision and customer satisfaction increasingly depends on the subjective impression; especially the impression of sounds.
With the Jury Testing Systems from HEAD acoustics and our aurally-accurate playback technologies it is possible to identify the optimal acoustic image of your product.
Simulation & Virtual Environment
Virtual Engineering for product development and product optimization saves time and costs thanks to the reduction of time-consuming iterations of expensive prototypes.
In addition, thanks to our sound simulation systems with multimodal playback options you can experience your future products close-to-reality and interactively, and thus successfully develop tomorrow’s products, today.
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