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  PROGNO[I]SE (BTPS) - Application Advantages
PROGNO[I]SE (BTPS) - Application Advantages
The clearly-structured user interface facilitates working with the extensive data obtained from the transfer path analysis and synthesis. The intuitive model generation and the automated check help to avoid errors and, thereby, accelerate the working process.
Besides the complete sound, sound elements of individual transfer paths can also be synthesized. These can be played back directly from PROGNO[I]SE.
The manual editing of individual transfer paths makes a quick and efficient auralization of future modifications possible.
Screenshot Contribution Viewer
With PROGNO[I]SE, transfer functions for the intelligent correction of coherent airborne sound signals can be generated automatically.
Besides the FFT spectrograms of the time signals at different nodal points, the integrated signal analyzer also shows the analyses FFT vs. RPM and order spectrum. In addition, the transfer functions can be displayed in another window. Furthermore, the time signals can be exported for analysis using a suitable software package such as    the analysis software ArtemiS suite.
By means of the Contribution Viewer, peculiar sound components can be visualized and identified quickly. Specifically edited order spectra show the contributions of the respective sub-elements on the complete sound. The Contribution Viewer is particularly well suited for analyzing vehicle interior noise syntheses.
With the Quadripole Wizard, the user can determine the dynamic stiffness of engine mounts. The required Z parameters can be taken, for example, from a measurement, or can be calculated by the Quadripole Wizard using a Kelvin-Voigt model with configurable parameters. That way, a virtual engine mount can be integrated into an existing engine model. The Quadripole Wizard supports the virtual replacement and calculates the dynamic stiffness values, which are included in the engine model as filters.
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