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Overview of NVH Front Ends from HEAD acoustics
From two-channel to multi-channel systems, HEAD acoustics offer you state-of-the-art, high-quality frontends for a wide range of applications.
The modular multi-channel frontend system HEADlab consists of a controller and your choice of various power supply and signal modules. It allows you to set up your very own custom recording and playback system.
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labCOMPACT12 and labCOMPACT24
Based on our HEADlab technology, the convenient “single-module" systems combine the basic functionality of a controller with one or two 12-channel input module(s), resulting in compact recording devices.
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SQuadriga III
SQuadriga III is a mobile measurement system, with a multitude of applications. The compact dimensions, powerful battery, and wide variety of connectivity options offer versatile functionality, high mobility, and variable applications.
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SQuadriga II
SQuadriga II is a recording and playback system for a wide range of measurement tasks. A plethora of connection options, its low weight, and its powerful rechargeable battery make it a highly versatile and mobile device.
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SQobold is a mobile four-channel measure- ment system with a built-in rechargeable battery. Its touch screen can be used, for example, to display psychoacoustic analyses. SQobold can also be used as a sound level meter and for aurally accurate playback.
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By means of our signal conditioning unit
SCU-P2 you can improve the quality of your pulse signals and convert them to a TTL signal shape. The adapter SCU-V2 allows you to connect high-impedance sensors to front ends like SQuadriga II or labV6.
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