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  Symposium - As the world is turning. Expert opinions on the future of mobility and communications
Symposium - As the world is turning
Expert opinions on the future of mobility and communications
The feature theme of our symposium was the revolution of our society's mobility and communication as well as its impacts on our society's future. This procures a paradigm shift presupposing an interdisciplinary connection between different scientific disciplines.
„A vision of our society's mobility and communication“ - this was the challenge we met together with renowned experts from Germany, Italy, Switzerland, UK and the US in a workshop, which was held in preparation for our symposium.
Technology and energy, communication and information, corporate governance and social responsibility, new networks and distributed artificial intelligence, environment and traffic circulation, soundscape and acoustic ecology, economy and finance, mobility and acoustic worlds were the themes we were putting up for discussion.
  Experts and their lectures
From left to right:
Dr. Harry Witchel, James Rosenstein, Prof. Luigi Maffei, Prof. Dr. Werner Rammert, Prof. Dr. Brigitte Schulte-Fortkamp, Prof. Dr. Winfried Pohlmeier, Dr.-Ing. Hans-Wilhelm Gierlich
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