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3PASS lab - Product Description
3PASS lab reproduces previously recorded background noise scenarios including their essential spatial characteristics. This makes 3PASS lab applicable for the development of complex background noise reduction algorithms. This is of particular importance for assessing the real life performance of modern smartphones, especially those with multiple microphones. Active noise cancellation in headphones and headsets also requires a reliable platform for conclusive testing.
Major components of the system are:
Software 3PASS lab  
Measurement hardware platform labBGN
(for background noise playback and microphone connection)
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Microphone array MSA II
(for sound recordings and system equalization)
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Microphone array MSA I
(for sound recordings and system equalization)
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Eight loudspeaker setup according to ETSI TS 103 224  
Exemplary measurement configuration in an anechoic room with ACQUA
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