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Measurement Standards
New Version ACQUA 4.0.200
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  ACQUA - Product Description
ACQUA - Product Description
ACQUA is an expandable system solution for testing and analyzing acoustics and network access for different scenarios such as VoLTE, UMTS, DECT, Bluetooth®, hands-free (mobile, office, car), headsets, emergency call and in-car communication. It allows the generation, modification and conduction of measurement sequences as well as the analysis, documentation and archiving of measurement data in the time and frequency domain.
ACQUA makes use of user-definable standards or standards based on national and international telecommunication bodies. These standards are implemented in ACQUA databases and consist of various measurement descriptors (SMDs) which are combined to measurement sequences and which determine how the measurement data are captured and analyzed in the time and frequency domain.
Interface of the Quick Start menu in ACQUA
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The settings of the measurement descriptors are shown in a clearly structured and comprehensible form. Users are able to modify the measurement descriptors or protect them against modification.
The clearly arranged hardware configuration provides a complete overview of the measurement chain from ACQUA over front ends (e.g. labCORE) to artificial head measurement system, third party equipment, and the device under test.
ACQUA includes comfortable and useful report and documentation functions such as A/B comparison of multiple measurement objects, benchmarking or Quality Pie report. It is possible to edit reports with Microsoft® Office (alternatively: Open Office, Libre Office).
The databases can be installed on a local SQL server or a network SQL server and allow the automatic archiving of all measurement sequences, results and reports.
The high degree of automization and the ease of use of ACQUA allow the fast conduction of complex test suites with minimal requirements on user interaction.
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