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  MFE VIII.1 - Overview
MFE VIII.1 (Code 6484)
VoIP Reference Gateway with Ethernet Interfaces and SIP-VoIP Client
MFE VIII.1 is a light-weight and compact front end equipped with Ethernet, AES/EBU and USB interface. It supports the core features according to RFC 3261 and offers an integrated SIP-VoIP client with numerous voice codecs.
MFE VIII.1 is used as reference gateway in conjunction with the    communication quality analysis system ACQUA* and other    HEAD acoustics front ends. Connected to a notebook or PC via USB (Plug & Play), it is configured and controlled by    ACQUA.
Via MFE VIII.1,    ACQUA performs automated measurements according to    international, HEAD acoustics or user-defined standards. In conjunction with    MFE VI.1, combined electrical/acoustical measurements are possible.
MFE VIII.1 thus serves for system optimization and development as well as quality control and benchmark testing in all areas where excellent voice quality of VoIP devices and IP-based transmission systems plays a decisive role.
*requires ACQUA version 3.2 or later
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