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Telecom - Analysis Systems Overview
Communication Analysis System
ACQUA, the flagship of the HEAD acoustics Telecom division, is an extraordinarily powerful and yet easy-to-use analysis software for evaluation of speech and audio quality in all areas of communication, allowing companies to improve the quality of their communication products.
Extension Modules (ACOPT)
A variety of options allows the individual tailoring of the software and its performance to specific fields of application which may range from the evaluation of frequency responses to psychoacoustic models and speech quality analysis systems.
Standards as ACQUA Option
Measurement standards CLIP, DTMF, TBR21, TBR37 as ACQUA option.
and other Standards
For nearly 20 years HEAD acoustics has contributed to the development of new telecommunication standards in close cooperation with standardization institutes such as e.g. 3GPP, ITU-T, ETSI, TIA and others.
The relevant norms are implemented into measurement standards for the communication analysis system ACQUA to allow automated measurements according to standard requirements or further analyses (cf. HQS) based on the comprehensive experience of HEAD acoustics.
HEAD Quality Standards
Based on the measurement standards developed in co-operation with standardization institutes, HEAD acoustics offers objective guidelines for the evaluation and optimization of communication systems.
In combination with the Analysis System ACQUA, HEAD acoustics Quality Standards provide the user with automated measurement sequences and sophisticated analyses for quick and easy acquisition, evaluation and documentation of measurement data.
Stand-alone Tools
VoCAS (Voice Control Analysis System), Batch Processor (3QUEST Batch, POLQA Batch, PESQ Batch) and TUNE (Radio Analyzer Tool) are stand-alone software tools which can be used without requiring the analysis system ACQUA.
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