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Car Audio Testing
In-car communication, voice control, audio system, hands-free equipment, eCall: More and more applications in modern cars emerging, where voice quality and audio quality play a central role. These systems must fulfil the highest quality requirements to positively influence the experience in the vehicle cabin.
In order to measure, analyze, and optimize all voice and audio quality aspects of head units in the modern car, HEAD acoustics provides integrated test solutions to fully characterize objectively and perceptually the user’s audio experience relative to any passenger’s location within the cabin. For this purpose, powerful interfaces and test methods are available for evaluating single components as well as complete car audio systems via VoIP, VoLTE, Bluetooth®, USB, and WiFi.
Besides microphone and loudspeaker selection and placement e.g. the following parameters are relevant for car audio testing:
Voice quality in receiving and sending direction
Echo performance
Noise reduction
Double talk capability
Speech intelligibility inside/outside the car
Automatic gain and volume control
Performance in the presence of background noise
Bluetooth audio performance
HEAD acoustics test solution comprises:
ACQUA software offers advanced analysis methods for all essential voice and audio quality parameters
labCORE as the modular multi-channel hardware platform providing all required interfaces
HMS II.3 is the artificial head measurement system, comprising ear simulator and artificial mouth, which is fully capable of super-wideband testing
3PASS flex for background noise simulation enables evaluating the performance under true-to-reality conditions
VoCAS is the turnkey solution for objective and fast quality assessment of voice control systems under realistic and reproducible test conditions
ACQUA test suites cover measurements according to essential standards such as ITU-T P.1100, P.1110, P.1120, P.1140, and GOST 33468-2015
Perceptual predictors such as
3QUEST-SWB/FB for evaluating voice quality in
super-wideband/fullband scenarios in the
presence of background noise
Speech Intelligibility Index for determining how
much noise impacts the intelligibility of speech
Listening Effort assessment
Audio MOS for multi-dimensional instrumental
quality assessment of immersive audio systems
EQUEST for assessing the echo performance
POLQA for measuring voice quality in silence
HEAD acoustics Quality Standards such as HQS-ICC and HQS-Audio enable car manufacturers and developers to assess and optimize the performance of the built-in system
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