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HMS II.3 - Product Description

HMS II.3 is ideally suited for all measurements in the field of telecommunications under realistic conditions. It provides a recording and speech simulation system and thus supports measurements in sending and receiving direction. HMS II.3 has been designed for testing all kinds of transducers in handsets, headsets, hands-free devices, voice-operated equipment,  hearing aids and hearing protectors.
The artificial mouth of HMS II.3 is compliant with ITU-T P.58 in its free-field characteristics, including diffraction and reflection at the shoulders and torso. Thus, it realistically reproduces the acoustic behavior of a test person. HMS II.3 also meets ITU-T P.58 regarding its geometrical dimensions. Its diffraction and reflection characteristics are comparable to those of a listening person.
HMS II.3 is delivered with the anatomically shaped pinna simulator type 3.3  according to Recommendation ITU-T P.57. Type 3.3 is recommended when the anatomy of the human ear plays an important part, e.g. for intra-concha headsets or hearing aids. When desired, HMS II.3-33 can also be retrofitted with the simplified pinna simulator type 3.4 according to Recommendation ITU-T P.57. This pinna allows the use of different ear canals.
The right ear comes equipped with an IEC 60318-4 (2010-01)-compliant impedance simulator. For binaural measurements, the left ear can be equipped likewise. HMS II.3 can also be retrofitted with low-noise ear simulator(s) of HMS II.3-LN.
HMS II.3-33 also is a main part of the GCF / PTCRB-certified test platforms TP89, TP90 and TP190. As such, it is a vital component for GCF- and PTCRB-approved audio testing of 2G and 3G mobile equipment according to the Standards 3GPP TS26.131, TS26.132 and TS51.010-1.
For measurements of handsets with HMS II.3-33, it can be equipped with the optional handset positioners HHP IV or HHP III.1. HHP IV is fully motorized and thus remotely controllable as well as fully automatable via ACQUA. HHP III.1 only allows manual positioning of the handset. Both allow precise positioning of any handset as well as precise adjustment of application forces to the pinna, ensuring meaningful and repeatable measurement results.
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