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HMS II.3 - Options
HIS L (Code 1231)
Impedance simulation - left ear,
including microphone
HEL III.1/HER III.1 (Code 1248/1249)
Pinna simulator (left/right)
according to ITU-T P.57 Type 3.4
HEL/HER IV.2 (Code 1381/1382)
Pinna simulator (left/right)
according to ITU-T P.57 Type 3.3
HHP III.1 (Code 1403)
Handset positioner
according to ITU-T P.64 and IEE 269
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HHP IV „MotoMount“ (Code 1406)
Motorized handset positioner
according to IEEE 269 and ITU-T P.64
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The artificial head is available in two variants:
HMS II.3-33 or HMS II.3-34.
HMS II.3-33 is equipped with the anatomically shaped pinna simulator according to ITU-T Recommendation P.57 Type 3.3 . This pinna simulator is recommended for use when the anatomy of the human ear plays an important part (e.g. for the measurement of intra-concha headsets or hearing aids).
HMS II.3-34, by contrast, is fitted with a simplified pinna simulator according to ITU-T Recommendation
P.57 type 3.4. This pinna simulator is modeled on the mechanical stiffness of the human ear and its acoustical properties.
The use of this pinna simulator is recommended for tests of sound sources (e.g. handsets) where the application force to the ear significantly influences the measurement result.
Optionally, handsets can be mounted at the Artificial Head in reproducible positions and with a definable application force using the Handset Positioners HHP III.1 (manual control) or HHP IV (motorized, automatable control).
For the binaural measurement of close-to-the-ear sound sources such as head phones and active/passive hearing protection systems the left ear can also be equipped with an ear simulator.
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