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labCORE - Product Description
labCORE is the new front end of the ACQUAlab generation which was started a few years ago with the now well-established front ends MFE VIII.1 and labBGN. With labCORE and its new modular concept, the ACQUAlab front end generation is now brought ahead to the next level. Offering multiple channels instead of being limited to two channels, a wide variety of analog and digital inputs and outputs, an improved processing performance and high-performance interfaces, labCORE is an all-in-one solution for measuring the audio and speech quality of a wide range of devices.
labCORE is used as primary front end in conjunction with the communication quality analysis system ACQUA and can be easily combined with other HEAD acoustics front ends and components. Connected to a notebook or PC via USB (Plug & Play), it is configured and controlled by ACQUA.
Via labCORE and its optional hardware and software extensions, ACQUA performs automated measurements according to international, HEAD acoustics or user-defined standards.
labCORE thus serves for system optimization and development as well as quality control and benchmark testing in all areas where excellent voice and audio quality of telecommunication and audio devices as well as transmission systems plays a decisive role.
The front end settings can be easily controlled via the intuitive ACQUA settings manager. They can be stored and assigned to selectable measurement sequences.
For mobile use, the HEADlab power box is optionally available as power supply. labCORE is equipped with a further developed mainboard based on the established technology of the ACQUAlab front end generation and thus e.g. provides more processing power. The housing of labCORE has a height of two rack units, other dimensions are comparable to existing ACQUAlab front ends.
Numerous important interfaces are already available in the basic unit, such as:
Two analog BNC Input and two analog BNC Output connectors
Headphone output (6.3 mm headphone jack), for measuring as well as monitoring purposes
USB Host Type C connector, for measurements of e.g. USB headsets. By using an adapter (standard delivery item), USB Host Type A is also available.
AES In/Out, integrated into a Sub-D 15-pin connector.  Pulse in- and outputs with TTL levels are available as well.
An additional AES digital audio input and output (XLR 3-pin), for audio data exchange, e.g. with other front ends
Two BNC sockets, for general purpose input and output (GPIO) e.g. Pulse, Clocks etc.
HEADlink connector, for connecting HEADlink devices such as MSA I is also available.
USB port (Type B), for connecting the ACQUA PC for status information, data acquisition and control purposes
ADAT/SPDIF optical, TOSLINK connector
I²S Inter-IC Sound on Digital Audio Connector
labCORE - connectors front view
labCORE - connectors rear view
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 labCORE - All-in-one Solution
Modular front end platform
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