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Telecom - Front Ends - Overview
Multi-channel Front Ends
labCORE is the new modular multi-channel front end of the ACQUAlab generation by HEAD acoustics. Its wide choice of high-performance analog and digital interfaces as well as its versatility and future-proof technology make labCORE the state-of-the-art all-in-one solution for testing speech and audio quality precisely and efficiently.
ACQUA Front Ends (MFEs)
Measurement Front Ends
Analog and digital front ends for data acquisition and signal conditioning for the communication analysis system ACQUA.
Sound Field Simulation
labBGN and MSA I / MSA II
3PASS is HEAD acoustics’ innovative system for background noise simulation.
It is characterized by improved reproduction precision in terms of frequency and spatial characteristics of background noises. The hardware platform labBGN as well as the microphone surround array MSA I or MSA II are essential system components of 3PASS.
HRT I - HEAD acoustics Remote-operated Turntable
With the high-precision turntable HRT I, users can perform automated, orientation-dependent acoustic measurements. For example, telephones, televisions with pedestal, (video) conference systems, loudspeakers or measurement equipment such as the HMS artificial head measurement system with torso box can be rotated to specific angles by means of the turntable. The rotation unit of the turntable offers a 360-degree rotation range, which can be approached in 0.1-degree steps.
Motorized Rotating Reflector
HRR I - HEAD acoustics Rotating Reflector
(variable acoustic echo path)
HRR I is a motorized rotating reflector. It allows to dynamically change the acoustic coupling between loudspeaker and microphones in arbitrary handsfree communication scenarios and such the realization of time-variant echo paths. As such, HRR I is compliant with the Recommendations ITU-T P.1100, P.1110 and P.1120 regarding measurements of echo attenuation performance for in-vehicle hands-free systems.
Recording/ Monitoring
SQobold and SQuadriga II
Portable, hand-held front ends for aurally-adequate recording and playback as well as monitoring tasks.
HAC III is a combination of a probe coil and a handset positioner. It is designed to verify the hearing aid compatibility of telephony handsets by measuring their magnetic coupling capabilities. With a large mounting area and various options for fixating the handset, the positioner can accommodate all types and sizes of handsets. HAC III is fully compliant with IEEE 1027 and TIA-504-A.
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