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Mobility Voice and Noise Conference

Venue Presidio Golden Gate Club and Presidio Officer’s Club, San Francisco, CA 94129 United States

Represented by HEAD acoustics, Inc, USA


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We cannot predict the future, but we can shape its sound

HEAD acoustics invites you to join our event - May 8&9 - in San Francisco. The event will be a practical look at all applications related to Voice and Noise in the mobility sector - with plenty of time and opportunity for DEMOs and hands-on experiences.

Some of the topics to be covered:

Mobility Solutions: Uncover the latest in mobility solutions driving the future of automotive travel.
Future of In-Car Audio: Delve into the next era of in-car audio experiences and discover what lies ahead for automotive soundscapes.
Tech-Driven Mobility: Explore how technology is reshaping the mobility landscape and transforming the way we experience audio on the go.
Connected Vehicle Audio: Connect with the future of automotive audio through innovations in connected vehicle audio systems.
Audio Innovations in Transportation: Stay ahead of the curve by exploring groundbreaking audio innovations that are shaping the future of transportation.
Sound Design and Engineering: Gain insights into the intricacies of sound design and engineering, driving the evolution of automotive acoustics.


Don’t miss our presentations and practical demos by (in order of appearance)

Prof. Klaus Genuit:
(HEAD acoustics GmbH)  
          The significance of traffic noise and acoustic sounds in urban development and the role of the new ISO 12913 series Soundscape standard
Jesse Gratke:
(HEAD acoustics Inc.)
          How to test a voice interface outside of the standardized scenarios
Jacob Soendergaard:
(HEAD acoustics Inc.)
          Why people still continue to use handsets in the car
Andre Schevciw:
          The ETSI TS 103 640 speech transmission standard in Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) devices
Matthias Wegerhoff:
(HEAD acoustics GmbH)
          The use of modal analysis and other methods for acoustic engineering, including auralization
Stefan Hank:
(HEAD acoustics GmbH)
          The experience of sound design for electric vehicles and the differences in perception for various target markets
Marc Marroquin:
(HEAD acoustics Inc.)
          "Do EV’s Dream of Electric Sheep?" - the sounds electric vehicles produce while they charge
Jan Reimes:
(HEAD acoustics GmbH)
          Testing of speech recognition and dialogue systems in the car / Bluetooth LE Audio and the implications for testing speech and audio applications using the updated specifications
Eric Lawrence:
          Using laser vibrometry for acoustic response and sound quality measurements
Frank Kettler:
(HEAD acoustics GmbH)
          How to optimize the acoustic environment for passengers and design "acoustic zones" using a combination of techniques

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