Network and end-to-end telephony

Ensuring optimal communication quality

Communication quality is more than just voice quality. Good communication quality is achieved when the interlocutors can use a communication system to talk to each other as if they were standing right next to each other. In addition to the devices, the networks are crucial for ensuring seamless communication – whether via fixed-line, mobile or IP networks. The network operators have to ensure this for all network sections, which is why measurement technology is needed that enables network operators to not only measure and optimize network quality but also perform end-to-end tests (E2E).

An eye on all the key parameters

To optimize voice transmission in networks, network operators and manufacturers of network components and gateways have to test, analyze and evaluate the impact of different communication-relevant parameters such as network echo compensators, delay, codecs, packet losses, jitter and gateway performance.

On top of this, interoperability and compatibility between the network and individual devices are essential for good voice quality. The “last mile” and home gateways of the end customers play a special role here.

In Focus:

  • Network transparency
  • Gateways
  • Voice quality
  • Delay
  • Echo compensation
  • Double talk performance
  • Stability

The more transparent the network, the more seamless the communication.

Efficiently testing networks, components and E2E scenarios

Our optimized measurement and analysis methods enable network operators and manufacturers of modems and gateways to ensure optimal network quality.

Our solutions enable lab-based testers to do the following:


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