Competitive analyses and user research

Learn from the best through competitive analysis and get to know your customers through targeted user research. In the global automotive industry, but also in all other branches of industry, benchmarking is a common method for optimizing your own products and helps you to fill potential performance gaps.

Acoustic benchmarking

Meaningful benchmarking requires:

  • Comprehensive system knowledge 
  • Cutting-edge acoustic test benches
  • State-of-the-art measurement and analysis methods, e.g. to examine stimuli and transfer paths
  • Methodological expertise in carrying out user research in the UX design process

“What do my customers expect?”

Innovative Methods

A comprehensive understanding of acoustic behavior

Our benchmarking covers the full spectrum from complete systems (vehicles) and subsystems right through to individual components.

In-depth understanding of the acoustic behavior provides you with specific reference points for optimizing your product.

Our tools include unique methods developed by HEAD acoustics. For example, we use the HEAR! method to determine relevant operating states as part of our user research.


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