Structural dynamics

Understanding and designing vibrations

The scream of the grinder in the coffee machine, the unpleasant vibration of a chainsaw handle, the washing machine rattling away in the cellar

The causes for such phenomena are usually resonances of the structure. Only those who understand them can optimize the vibration behavior of their product. What's more, the knowledge of the structural properties even allows to generate vibrations in a targeted manner – for example for touch displays with haptic feedback.

Structural analysis methods such as Operating Deflection Shape or Modal Analysis reveal the complex interaction between excitation and structure.

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Understanding structural dynamics

The right approach for a successful structural analysis strongly depends on the available data, measurement equipment and time.

In practice, users need to 

  • efficiently combine simulation and test;
  • employ the appropriate analysis methods;
  • define the correct number and position of measuring points;
  • keep the overview, even with many sensors;
  • validate test setup and simulation models;
  • draw the right conclusions from the results.
  • MDOF
  • SDOF
  • NTPA
  • SISO
  • MIMO
  • SIMO
  • MLMM
  • LSCF
  • CMIF
  • ODS
  • OMA
  • FE
  • TPA
  • EMA
  • MAC
  • MPC
  • LSCE
  • MKSN




Focus on the essentials

With our solutions, you quickly and easily gain insight into your structure instead of getting lost in setting analysis parameters.

The measuring point library helps you to keep the overview, the traffic light system gives you feedback on data quality already during the testing.

Evaluate and compare your experimental and simulated analysis results in only one software.

These highly efficient solutions are based on our experience in consulting, research and development. We are setting a new standard in structural analysis.


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