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Automation with ArtemiS SUITE – Online Training

Online Seminar


Three time blocks on two days
Day 1: Block 1 from 10:00 AM, Block 2 from 1:00 PM CEST
Day 2: Block 3 from 10:00 AM CEST

Price 580,– € per person plus VAT

Target group

The seminar is aimed at users who want to benefit from the advantages of automated processing of individual routine tasks with the help of the completely redesigned automation function.


Basic knowledge in handling the ArtemiS SUITE. Beginners are recommended to attend the training "Sound and Vibration Analysis with the ArtemiS SUITE" beforehand.

Seminar Objectives

In this training, you will learn how to use the new automation function of ArtemiS SUITE to automatically handle frequently recurring tasks. You will learn how to combine an individual sequence of work steps in an automation project that repeatedly processes individual files or large amounts of data in a linear fashion at the push of a button.


Block Automation 1:            

  • Concept of an automation project
  • Differences to the Pool Project
  • Automated channel selection by unit or name
  • Automated cutting of marks based on speed information or at defined times
  • Use of different analyses for different units

Block Automation 2:

  • Use of variables for speed, channel names etc.
  • Bundling of sequences
  • Selection of measurement data based on file names or documentation

Block Automation & Reporting:

  • Use of automation projects for automated report generation
  • Differences to reports generated from pool projects


Our popular training program is available for you in an online format. What does that mean:

  • Groups are limited to 10 participants
  • A headset is required
  • You can always ask questions
  •  The contents are divided into time blocks
    • 1 time block equals 2 hours
    • 3 time blocks equal 6 hours (content of a 1-day presence training)
    • 6 time blocks equal 12 hours (content of a 2-day classroom training)

The online training is divided into thematic blocks. These blocks are 90 to 100 minutes long. Afterwards we assign tasks to the respective thematic block for independent work. During this time we are, of course, always available to answer questions. The division of the blocks can differ from online training to online training. We also offer the booking of individual topic blocks. Due to the innovations and the extended offer we kindly ask you to read the corresponding information about the offer and send any questions to

At the top of the topic pages are the dates on which the training sessions are held. There you will also find a link to registration and pricing information.

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