Sound Source Localization

Acoustic Camera Comparison | Giant vs Small Array | HEAD VISOR

Two microphones arrays of the HEAD VISOR beamforming technology are compared in different test applications. The new giant HEAD VISOR flex versus the standard spiral HEAD VISOR. See the unique performance of the VISOR flex system on typical application like:

  • Door slam measurements
  • Pass by measurements
  • Wind tunnel acoustic measurements

Using the same software the biggest advantage of the giant microphone array is the capability to analyze on: 

  • Low frequency noise
  • Far distance objects

Fastest Sound Camera Analysis – Brake squeal on bicycle

Analyzing noise events is incredible fast using a professional sound camera or acoustic camera like the HEAD VISOR system. 10 seconds recording time of a bicycle break squeal is enough to detect and analyze all noise sources on the test object in just one minute. The slip stick effect causes the vibration. But which parts get in resonance and radiate the tonal noises. Find out…