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Automotive Audio Testing: Multi-Dimensional Audio Quality Score

An overall satisfying user experience arguably has become an essential USP of modern vehicles – more so than MPG, MPHs, and power. The sound system's audio quality, in particular, is contributing increasingly to meeting this need. So far, testing and tuning automotive audio systems has relied heavily on frequency response measurements, which arguably are a vital sound quality indicator. However, the frequency response tells us only a part of the whole story. So, what more is there to sound quality perception?

In our first seminar, we introduced a new quality score, and in the second, we showed its application in headphones sound assessment. This third seminar will present how to apply this MOS metric for evaluating audio quality in automotive audio systems by MDAQS (Multi-Dimensional Audio Quality Score). We will examine the performance of several vehicles' audio systems in terms of both frequency response and MDAQS, elaborating on how MDAQS helps you get better and more accurate indicators for audio playback performance than frequency response measurements.

We don't judge your taste in music – we evaluate the audio playback performance of your device.


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