ACAR – Amazon Alexa Communications Audio Requirements

Amazon Alexa offers numerous services on Alexa-Built-In devices including ‘Alexa-to-Alexa calls’ for qualified devices to other users. This service is available for a variety of products, including mobile and household devices as well as cars. These products and devices work in individual acoustic situations, making it challenging for their manufacturers to meet Amazon’s requirements and ensure optimal performance.

With our implementation of ACAR, our customers benefit from technology and experience that helps them provide consumers with the most relevant and enjoyable experiences

The advantage: Alexa technology in your device

Integrating Alexa communication service into products and measuring their audio quality in Alexa-to-Alexa calls is an important selling point that gives customers real added value.

Speeding up the development process

Additionally, using Alexa reduces the cost and effort of building the core capabilities of an intelligent assistant, so companies can focus time and resources on creating unique features that inspire their customers.

The goal: Seamless communication at any time, any place – and no matter the circumstances

Alexa Communications Audio Requirements’ (ACAR current version 2.1.3 June 2021) was established to  optimize the user experience when performing an Alexa-to-Alexa call.  This document specifies instrumental and auditory tests for various situations different types of devices must pass to qualify for Alexa-to-Alexa calls.

The solution: The HEAD acoustics ACAR implementation

A comprehensive test implementation for all device types as specified in Alexa ACAR is key to success for developers. The HEAD acoustics ACAR implementation and complementary HEAD acoustics test suites let them leverage the best-performing devices for all use cases and scenarios: With fast and convenient testing, comparison, and experimental optimization, ACAR ensures that devices implementing Alexa-to-Alexa calls meet all requirements laid out by Amazon  and perform at their best; always, anywhere, and no matter the circumstances.

Your benefits with HEAD acoustics ACAR

  • A comprehensive test suite
  • A precise and standard-conformant implementation
  • Covers all specified devices
  • Includes all simulation technologies
  • Uses advanced HATS technology
  • Speeds up the development process
  • Achieves reliable and meaningful quality testing results

Alexa ACAR is available to certified Amazon customers.

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