Application Notes Sound & Vibration

Our selection of application notes covers frequently asked questions.

Please note the information on the described software version, which is indicated in the documents. Compared to the version you are using, the scope of functions and the user interface may differ.

The data documentation allows you to file important information on your measurements safely. Afterwards, it is used in ArtemiS SUITE, e.g. for generating reports or for searching in a database. Here you can find application notes on the usage of documentation and the generation of a database.

The reporting function within ArtemiS SUITE is a powerful tool for presenting your analysis results in a quick and uncomplicated way in standardized reports. The automation function is used for carrying out measurement and analysis tasks that need to be performed in a repetitive way without user interaction. This functions as well as several application examples are visualized in the application notes you find here.

The export to other formats facilitates the data exchange with customers and colleagues. In addition to that, it allows for the processing of the calculation results in other software applications, such as ME’scopeVES™. Learn more about the export possiblilities in the application notes of this section.

ArtemiS SUITE is provided as local license or as network license (net or net+). The installation and the application spectrum of these flexible licenses are described in following application notes.

Use ArtemiS SUITE for improving the sound quality of your products. Please find corresponding application examples in the application notes of this section.

You intend to carry out listening tests? This application note assists you with the preparation and the evaluation.