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Emotionalize Sound of Electric Vehicles – How to tune Active Sound Design

QNX Blackberry Active Sound Design in HEAD acoustics NVH Simulator PreSense

Active Sound Design (ASD) sets emotions in electric vehicles, gives acoustic feedback or even masks unpleasant noises. What is the right approach for a fast and efficient workflow, especially with virtual prototypes in mind? How to combine creative spirit with engineering facts? How to meet the expectations of todays and tomorrow’s customers?

In our online seminar we give answers and ideas about Active Sound Design in combination with an NVH Simulator. QNX Blackberry ASD is a comprehensive vehicle sound solution that allows designers to create the next generation of dynamic automotive sound designs with an unrivalled interactive workflow. Designers can design sounds interactively on the desktop and then deploy directly to automotive embedded systems with the full confidence that their intended results will be realized in production. The integration with HEAD acoustics NVH Simulator PreSense adds another level of capability that allows designers to work interactively with the physical driving sound of the target vehicle to experience their designs in a highly realistic way.

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