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Communication and audio devices

From mobile phones and vehicle hands-free systems to speakers, conventional headphones and headsets, Bluetooth wireless technology can be found in nearly all communication and audio devices – albeit profiles, codecs, signal processing methods and more may differ.

But the aim is always the same: to give end customers the best-possible user experience thanks to high-quality audio playback and lossless communication between devices. Manufacturers have to ensure this by conducting a range of acoustic and electrical tests.

Optimizing Bluetooth voice quality

Realistically and reproducibly testing voice and audio quality via a Bluetooth connection poses a real challenge for manufacturers. The wireless connection of devices via Bluetooth can have a significant impact on both, communication and audio quality.

Manufacturers require special measurement procedures and a reference interface for ensuring key criteria:

  • Correct implementation of profiles, codecs and protocols for sink, source and gateway applications
  • Verification of levels, latency and transmission behavior
  • Optimization of signal processing depending on the application

In Focus:

  • Reference interface
  • Bluetooth profiles
  • Signal processing
  • Voice communication
  • Audio transmission
  • Narrowband and wideband
  • Compatibility
  • Conformity




Reproducible measurement and simulation procedures

The combination of a reference interface with test procedures for a range of Bluetooth-compatible audio and communication devices provides manufacturers and test laboratories with a unique test environment.

Our solutions enable lab-based testers to:

  • Establish a direction connection with the reference interface
  • Ensure compatibility and conformity among devices for all standard profiles and codecs (e.g. HFP, A2DP, Qualcomm® aptX™, mSBC)
  • Optimize signal processing (audio quality, level, echo compensation, noise suppression, etc.) where required
  • Ensure transparent and error-free transmission for gateway applications
  • Check the correct implementation of different connection types and associated protocols (e.g. AT commands such as “NREC Off”)
  • Test complex scenarios


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