Voice quality

Voice quality – a complex challenge

Whether hands-free systems or ICC systems in vehicles; whether cutting-edge electrical devices or public address systems in trains or aircrafts: devices that people use to communicate with one another can be found in a wide variety of application areas.

For all applications, voice quality is a key feature that can make a difference compared to the competition. The better the voice quality, the better the user experience. Manufacturers of communication devices must ensure the best possible voice quality and test, analyze and optimize their devices accordingly.

Voice quality vs. communication quality

Voice quality is important in all communication-relevant situations – when listening, speaking and in conversation. Manufacturers must take all situations into account, placing different emphasis on them depending on the application. For manufacturers, the fundamental questions are:

  • Can I use my testing facilities to analyze situations involving speaking, listening and conversation?
  • Are existing measurement procedures suitable for evaluating, optimizing and balancing all three aspects?
  • Am I able to create a test environment in the laboratory that incorporates ambient noise and user behavior?

The skill for manufacturers lies in developing a communication device that is perfectly tailored to the application.

In Focus:

  • Communication-relevant parameters
  • Acoustic environment
  • Network conditions
  • Double talk
  • Listening and talking effort
  • Speech characteristics

There is more to optimizing voice quality than just a test.

Measurement technology and expertise for optimum voice quality

Whatever the communication device, whatever the application: When it comes to voice quality, the unique combination of our measurement, analysis and simulation techniques offers manufacturers and test laboratories the following benefits:


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