Environmental noise emissions

The harmful impact of environmental noise

  • The rattling of your neighbor’s hedge trimmer
  • The hum of the steel mill at the nearby industrial site
  • The squeal of brakes on the railroad

Environmental noise emissions come from all sorts of sources, with traffic noise representing the biggest factor of all for people around the world. But noise sources can also be lurking in your neighborhood or at a nearby industrial site.

It is important for manufacturers of systems and components to be familiar with the applicable limits and directives and to prove compliance with them.

Noise emission values: between duties and options

Manufacturers of parts and components that are installed or used outdoors must consider the entire chain from sound generation to the effect on humans.
Sound power measurements are performed to determine the noise emissions of products and verify compliance with stipulated limits.

Jury testing and psychoacoustic analyses provide information about the sound quality of products and reveal potentials for product sound optimization and design.

Specifications and labels:

  • Noise label of the Outdoor Noise Directive (EU Directive 2000/14/EC)
  • Blue Angel
  • EU Machinery Directive (“buy quiet”)


From the source to the effect

With our modular hardware and software systems, you can quickly and reliably record and evaluate the noise emissions produced by your products using sound power measurements.

In close cooperation with you, we develop individual, customized measurement setups - for example, to equip your test center or your measurement rooms.

Take advantage of our binaural recording and playback technology, diverse psychoacoustic analyses and jury testing solutions, to optimize the noise quality of your products beyond the legal requirements.


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