Sound power and sound intensity

Decibel dB

Quieter products score on the market

People have never been as aware of noise as they are now. Whether it's a printer, a washing machine or a construction machine, noise pollution and noise quality are becoming increasingly important decision variables when purchasing products for all aspects of life. To support the use of quieter products, various directives require the sound power levels of products to be determined and disclosed. This gives quieter household appliances, tools and machinery an edge over the competition.

Two methods lead to the goal

Depending on the task in question, there are two methods for determining sound power level:

1. Sound power determination via sound pressure in accordance with basic standards ISO 3740 to 3747 
Determining sound power from sound pressure calls for precisely defined measurement environments and is common in product testing.

2. Sound power determination from sound intensity in accordance with ISO 9614 1–3
The sound intensity method is typically used for in-situ measurements in noisy settings.

In addition, there are numerous product-specific standards that build on the basic standards referred to above.

Standard measurements

  • ISO 3741
  • ISO 3743-1
  • ISO 3743-2
  • ISO 3744
  • ISO 3745
  • ISO 3746
  • ISO 9614 1–3
  • Sound field mapping
  • Sound source localization
  • Reporting
  • Troubleshooting

Reliably determine sound power

Sound power from A-Z

From guided measurement to automated methods, from standard-compliant applications to troubleshooting: We offer perfectly matched hardware and software systems for data acquisition and analysis for both sound power determination methods along with a comprehensive range of measurement services.

In addition to the standard methods, our tools can be used to flexibly implement customer-specific adjustments to the measurement processes.

We also develop customized measurement setups, for example to equip test centers or measurement rooms, according to your individual requirements.


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