Augmented Reality for Sound Intensity and Sound Power Measurements

Visual representations help to understand where a product generates sound and how high the sound power is. The ArtemiS SUITE Sound Intensity Module ASM 30 offers the possibility to measure sound intensities for determining sound power according to ISO 9614-1 or create sound intensity maps that allow them to find the sources of sound quickly.

It is unexpectedly easy to do all of the above because the software's assistance functions guide even inexperienced users safely through the process. The problem with such measurements was one independent of the software: According to the standard, the measurements require a measurement grid - an enveloping surface divided into many partial surfaces - around the object one wants to measure. This means that real, physical constructions must be built, requiring much setup effort. The measurements are, therefore, costly and complicated.

Augmented reality (AR) makes a physical measurement grid obsolete

We, therefore, rely on the AR solution from HoloMetrix. Together with the innovative Frankfurt-based startup, we have developed an interface between the AR solution and our ArtemiS SUITE software. HoloMetrix's Augmented Reality projects a three-dimensional virtual measurement grid onto the screen of AR glasses. It thus superimposes the real test object and the measurement probe, whose orientation is based on the measurement grid. It also fades in the color-coded sound power levels of subareas that have already been measured. The system automatically visualizes the standard-compliant measurement positions on the AR glasses, so users no longer have to worry about measuring them.

Without the considerable setup effort of physical measurement grids, acoustic measurements become more time-efficient and intuitive in combination with ArtemiS SUITE. Furthermore, additional synergy effects result: For example, users first configure the test setup in ArtemiS SUITE and then transfer it to the AR glasses with just one click.

Here we have provided an overview of the possibilities offered by the Artemis SUITE software with the Sound Intensity module:

  • Sound intensity measurements to determine sound power according to ISO 9614-1
  • Troubleshooting support with sound intensity mapping for fast source localization
  • Assistance functions that guide through the measurements
  • Automatic quality checks with acoustic or visual feedback
  • Workflow concept: save and repeat individual configuration and measurement steps
  • 3D model generation, including the associated grid, simplifies handling when configuring and performing measurements
  • A sound intensity map that can be overlaid on the 3D grid
  • Report function: summary of results, figures, and diagrams according to the standard or individually customized
  • Template function: Create extensive reports easily
  • Thanks to modular design: Further analyses beyond sound power
  • Various frontends for data acquisition
  • Uncomplicated mobile measurements with systems with integrated rechargeable batteries (SQuadriga III and SQobold)

And these are the additional benefits and performance enhancements provided by HoloMetrix's AR solution:

  • Augmented reality increases efficiency by significantly reducing setup effort. Physical measuring grids made of subframes with wires or manual measuring of the measuring positions become obsolete.
  • You position the measuring probe with the help of a virtual measuring grid, which you see superimposed on the actual test setup on AR glasses.
  • The augmented reality guides the user through the entire measurement procedure. It visualizes the measurement progress and overlays the measurement results in the form of a sound intensity map with measured values.
  • The interface to the ArtemiS SUITE software from HEAD acoustics allows you to access the familiar functionalities of the sound intensity module of ArtemiS SUITE and offers several additional synergy effects
  • Because sound field influencing auxiliary constructions are omitted, the measurements become more accurate

Award-winning innovation

Such an innovation makes waves. That's why HoloMetrix GmbH was honored for this positioning aid in Berlin in May 2022 with the golden German Innovation Award from the German Design Council in the "Excellence in Business to Business" competition class in the "Machines & Engineering" area. The award recognizes companies that impress with new, forward-looking technologies, processes, or services. With this solution, HEAD acoustics offers a comprehensive and maximally efficient way to determine sound power according to ISO 9614-1 and to create sound intensity maps.

Here you can find all information about the ArtemiS SUITE and its Sound Intensity module.

Here you can find all information about the augmented reality solution from HoloMetrix.

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