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HEAD News Herzogenrath (Germany), August 31, 2018
HEAD acoustics at ITG conference on speech communication in Oldenburg
Future-oriented lectures and high-performance measurement equipment
Speech and audio quality assessment, automatic speech and speaker recognition, and speech in automotive, mobile, and multimodal applications: On the agenda of the 13th ITG conference on speech communication in Oldenburg (Germany) are numerous current topics in the field of voice and audio. HEAD acoustics, one of the world´s leading companies in the production of high-performance software and hardware for optimizing voice and audio quality, participates in the conference from October 10-12, 2018 and supports it as a Gold sponsor. In addition to future-oriented lectures, so-called “Show&Tell” sessions will be offered again.
Demonstration for simulation of background noise
During the conference, HEAD acoustics will present a “Show&Tell” session on “3PASS - Background noise testing matters”, an elementary topic for voice and audio quality measurements. “Modern communication devices should always be tested in the presence of background noise. This is the only way how manufacturers can test how well their products perform in real-life conditions. 3PASS is a background noise simulation system. It equalizes a previously recorded sound field at distinctive microphone positions and it reproduces sounds at these dedicated positions in a high-precision way,” explains Christian Schüring, Sales Manager Telecom. Additionally, the company from Herzogenrath, Germany contributes to the ITG conference on speech communication with three lectures: “Super-Wideband Extension of a Perceptual Based Echo Assessment Method for Aurally Adequate Evaluation of Residual Single Talk Echoes” (Stefan Bleiholder, Jan Reimes and Frank Kettler), “Auditory Assessment of Multichannel Audio Systems” (Magnus Schäfer) and “Auditory and Instrumental Assessment of Listening Effort for In-car Communication Systems” (Jan Reimes).
High-performance measurement equipment for assessing voice and audio quality
In addition to the lectures and the “Show&Tell” session, conference attendees can convince themselves of the efficient measurement equipment at HEAD acoustics booth no. 3. Whether smartphones, vehicle hands-free systems, in-car communication systems or IoT applications like smart speakers: voice and audio quality must always meet the highest customer demands in all applications. Therefore, these products must be tested accordingly. With the multi-channel hardware platform labCORE and the high-precision turntable HRT I, HEAD acoustics presents two of its latest products at the ITG conference.
labCORE is characterized by its modularity, its wide selection of digital and analog inputs and outputs as well as its programmable interfaces. HRT I (HEAD acoustics Remote-operated Turntable) is the high-precision turntable for orientation-dependent acoustic measurements and rotates test objects like smartphones, conference systems or smart speakers to specific angles.
Please find further information on the ITG conference on the website:
Abstracts of lectures are available here.
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HEAD acoustics was founded in 1986 and has been involved in noise and vibration, electroacoustic and voice quality testing since its inception. HEAD acoustics is based in Herzogenrath, Germany, with affiliates in China, France, Great Britain, Italy, Japan, South Korea and USA as well as a world-wide network of representatives. The Telecom Division of HEAD acoustics manufactures telecom test equipment and provides consulting services in the field of speech and audio quality. Moreover, HEAD acoustics closely co-operates with DECT Forum, ETSI, ITU-T, 3GPP, TIA, CTIA, GSMA and other standardization bodies with regard to the development of quality standards for voice transmission and speech communication. In many partnership projects, HEAD acoustics has proven its competence and capabilities in conducting tests and optimizing communication products with respect to speech and audio quality under end-to-end as well as mouth-to-ear scenarios.
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