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HEAD News Herzogenrath (Germany), July 25, 2017
HEAD acoustics at the ITU Telecom World in the South Korean city of Busan
The expert for speech quality testing is again the official test lab for the fourth ITU Test Event
ITU Telecom World is the global platform for governments, corporations, and small and medium enterprises (SMEs) working to accelerate ICT innovation for social and economic development, and the 2017 event will take place from 25 to 28 September 2017 in Busan, Korea (Rep. of). Following on the more than positive experiences in the previous year, ITU is going to organize a series of events related to compatibility of mobile phones and vehicle hands-free terminals. This time, at the so-called “Smart ABC Zone”, ITU in collaboration with HEAD acoustics intends to organize a demo aimed at showcasing test procedures and speech quality issues of a vehicle-mounted hands-free telephone system when using for example non-compliant phones. Thus, the demo shows to visitors the challenges of measuring, analyzing and optimizing speech quality in a vivid way. Experts from HEAD acoustics will be available for technical discussions.
Fourth ITU Test Event takes place simultaneously with the ITU Telecom World
In the meantime, ITU announced the fourth Test Event on compatibility of mobile phones and vehicle hands-free terminals, which takes place at the same venue from 26 to 27 September 2017. The tests will be performed by HEAD acoustics which was selected by ITU according to the results of the call for bids announced by ITU in September 2015. In the fourth Test Event, tests will be run in accordance with chapter 12 of Recommendations ITU-T P.1100 ("Narrowband hands-free communication in motor vehicles") and ITU-T P.1110 ("Wideband hands-free communication in motor vehicles"). Participation is open to car manufacturers, (HFT) system suppliers, mobile network operators and mobile phone vendors. Mobile phones which successfully passed the tests at the Test Event will be captured in a list of mobile phones compliant with chapter 12 of Recommendations ITU-T P.1100 and ITU-T P.1110. This list has been used by automotive companies to recommend to their customers the use of these phones in cars. The registration to the Test Event is open until August 25, 2017.
Additional opportunity: On-demand testing
ITU also organizes on-demand testing of mobile phone(s) on the request of clients interested in determining which mobile phones work as required when functioning as gateways to car hands-free telephone systems. Testing over the period of 2016 to 2018 will be conducted by the Test Lab in accordance with the tests detailed by Chapter 12 of Recommendations ITU-T P.1100 and ITU-T P.1110, international standards approved in 2017 for narrowband and wideband communications involving vehicles. HEAD acoustics was again selected as the preferred Test Lab following the call for bids.
Please find further information on the fourth Test Event such as registration on the official website of the ITU Test Event.
The website of the ITU Telecom World provides all necessary information regarding the event.
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