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  News, Events & Publications    HEAD acoustics at EuroBrake 2017 in Dresden, Germany
Perfect forum to present BrakeOBSERVER
HEAD News Herzogenrath (Germany), April 04, 2017
HEAD acoustics at EuroBrake 2017 in Dresden, Germany
Perfect forum to present BrakeOBSERVER
HEAD acoustics, one of the world’s leading companies for integrated acoustic solutions as well as sound and vibration analysis, will be represented at EuroBrake 2017 in Dresden, Germany. From May 2 to 4, 2017, HEAD acoustics presents holistic and innovative solutions for sound optimisation of brake noise at booth no. 86.  Thereby the company uses the international forum of braking technology to present the updates of the BrakeOBSERVER system to a large audience of experts.
BrakeOBSERVER: Reduced brake squeal, optimized driving comfort
Consisting of a combination of hard- and software, the system serves to diagnose brake noise in order to eliminate any brake squeal.
During a test drive or on a chassis dynamometer, BrakeOBSERVER records brake noise events, which are detected in real time, as well as the relevant contributing factors, such as brake pressure or temperature. As soon as BrakeOBSERVER detects a brake squeal it will be recorded.
Besides intelligent detection of brake noises, including off-brake-noises, BrakeOBSERVER delivers direct feedback as well as statistiks regarding the sound events. The HEAD Control Panel (HCP) allows each brake event to be assessed perceptively already in the car by means of a configurable two-step rating scale. In order to meet the varying requirements for the assessment of brake noise quality, the user interface of the software can be easily customized.
Subsequent in-depth evaluation can be conducted with Noise Event Manager. For example, Noise Event Manager reduces data to the essential information, to display parameters relevant for the noise generation in configurable reports, and to link the represented brake events to the corresponding audio files.
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HEAD acoustics is one of the world's leading companies for integrated acoustic solutions, as well as sound and vibration analysis. In telecommunications, the company is experiencing global recognition due to their expertise and pioneering role in the development of hardware and software for measurement, analysis, and optimization of voice and audio quality, as well as customer-specific solutions and services. The business activities of HEAD acoustics range from sound engineering for technical products through the investigation of environmental noise to Speech Quality Engineering, Consulting, Training and Support. The company from Herzogenrath near Aachen, has subsidiaries in France, Great Britain, Japan, South Korea, and the USA, as well as numerous distribution partners worldwide.
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