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  HEAD acoustics releases software for sound and vibration analysis ArtemiS suite 9.0
HEAD News Herzogenrath (Germany), September 20, 2017
HEAD acoustics releases software for sound and vibration analysis ArtemiS suite 9.0
Software with a new, modern look
HEAD acoustics GmbH – one of the world’s leading companies for holistic acoustic solutions – releases the ninth version of the software for sound and vibration analysis ArtemiS suite in September 2017.
ArtemiS suite 9.0 features a new, fresh design which offers a heightened user experience.
Along with improvements to well-known features like the Pool Project, Automation Project, and RPM Generator, ArtemiS suite 9.0 contains many new functions which will simplify the user’s daily work.
The new Brush Tool complements the popular Eraser Tool in the Sound Engineering Project, allowing the user to interactively manipulate spectrograms to design the perfect sound.
HEAD acoustics implemented a new method for data acquisition with the impact hammer in the Impact Measurement Project. With the method “Roving Accelerometer“ even hard to reach points can be analyzed and it’s now possible to use an automated hammer. Furthermore, the update offers new types of diagrams such as bar charts.
Characteristic of ArtemiS suite : High degree of user-friendliness
With the clearly structured Pool Project, selected analyses are performed fast and easily. The Pool Project is ideal for troubleshooting tasks: efficient filters, analyses and statistics functions are ready to solve even challenging tasks with minimal training and setup time.
As an alternative to this interactive work approach there are two project types available for recurring tasks: Automation Project and Standardized Test Project. Once configured, a complete evaluation including a report as PPTX or PDF is initiated with the push of a button.
Compact Analysis is an ArtemiS suite module which is focused on the basic functions and offers an economical alternative. With this module, even occasional users or users needing a lesser “toolbox” are able to conduct fast and easy evaluations.
  ArtemiS suite 9.0 - Starting page

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  Sound Engineering Project

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About HEAD acoustics
The HEAD acoustics GmbH is one of the world's leading companies for integrated acoustic solutions, as well as sound and vibration analysis. In telecommunications, the company is experiencing global recognition due to their expertise and pioneering role in the development of hardware and software for measurement, analysis and optimization of voice and audio quality, as well as customer-specific solutions and services. The business activities of HEAD acoustics range from sound engineering for technical products through the investigation of environmental noise to Speech Quality Engineering, Consulting, Training and Support. The medium-sized company with about 200 employees from Herzogenrath near Aachen, has subsidiaries in the USA, Japan, Great Britain, France and South Korea as well as numerous distribution partners worldwide.
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