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HEAD News Herzogenrath (Germany), October, 2014
ArtemiS suite 6.0 Highlights
RPM Generator
Deriving RPM information from order curves
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If a recording has no RPM signal or one with poor quality, the new RPM Generator offers you the possibility to generate an artificial RPM signal and embed it into the recording. A powerful estimation algorithm allows the RPM to be determined from visible order curves. In most cases, it is sufficient to mark an individual order in the diagram. The RPM Generator displays the estimated order curve in the FFT vs. Time diagram, thus allowing graphical quality control.
The resulting RPM curve is displayed in a separate RPM vs. Time diagram and can be added to the existing recording as an additional channel.
Mark Editor
Quick and convenient cutting of multiple recordings by time or RPM
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The Mark Editor supports diagram-based, interactive mark creation based on time or RPM for individual recordings. Marks can be edited by moving them with the mouse or by entering the mark limits numerically. The new Mark Editor is available in ArtemiS suite as a tool window and automatically displays the mark selected in the Source Pool. It is also possible to edit selections of multiple marks or folders simultaneously.
If the mark limits are defined by RPM values, the new ramp mode automatically finds the shortest RPM range between the specified mark limits. The mark limits are automatically synchronized in the Source Pool. The created marks can also be added to the Source Pool as new marks or saved as a new, trimmed measurement file.
Player and playback filters
Extended playback functions
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The new Player in ArtemiS suite offers extended playback functions allowing you to involve your hearing in the analysis and optimization of sounds. It provides a focus-dependent playback of time-domain signals from various areas of the ArtemiS suite (HEAD Navigator, pool projects, playlists, Mark Analyzer, etc.).
You can change the playback speed, for example, in order to get a better understanding of very quick processes. With the new, sophisticated channel selection logic, you can quickly and easily select different binaural channel pairs or monaural signals. The new user interface can be customized to your needs by displaying or hiding different screen areas.
For playback, interactive filters are available allowing you to modify the signal interactively. Besides a wide range of different IIR filters, which can now be used both in series and in parallel, FIR filters are offered as well. Multiple filters can be combined into groups with absolute or relative frequency ratios (e.g. harmonic or odd harmonic).
Editor for the Unit & Quantity System
Specification and setting of preferred measurement units
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For each measurement unit, custom display formats, dB reference values, and the preferred display unit can be specified. Furthermore, the number of desired decimal places and other display options, such as frequency weighting, can be set.
Single values
Integrated calculation of single values and table display
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With the single value analysis in the Analysis Pool of a pool project, you can directly determine single values, such as average, sum, minimum, maximum, or various percentile values, in addition to your analysis curves. The calculated single values can then be included in the diagram, a table, or a report. If required, you can add other columns to your tables with user documentation or information on marks, filters, and analyses.
For further processing in Excel, you can simply copy a complete table to the clipboard.
Automation Projects
Automatic processing of measurement data from different integration points
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With the new Automation Projects, you can define custom processing batches for your measurement data, which are not bound to the structure and the cross product logic of the pool project.
These processing batches can include, for example, mark creation, analysis, filtering and statistics operations, as well as format conversions. This feature now allows you to apply various channel-specific analysis parameters in a single step.
The batches can be executed within the Automation Project, via the HEAD Navigator, the Windows command prompt, or via the HEAD Recorder Flow Control. This form of automation allows complex evaluations, particularly for repeated measurement tasks, without further interaction.
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