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  ArtemiS suite 7.0 - Attention to detail makes the difference - enhancements that make your everyday work easier
HEAD News Herzogenrath (Germany), September 01, 2015
ArtemiS suite 7.0
Attention to detail makes the difference - enhancements that make your everyday work easier
With the new version of the ArtemiS suite, you can enjoy an even more user-friendly experience facilitating your everyday work with sound and vibration analysis. 
Discover the many new details in this software update, such as decoders allowing data preparation for torsional vibration analysis, the simplified import/export of WAV and ASCII data, and the more convenient Automation Project. The ArtemiS suite 7.0 makes your work even more flexible, individual, and efficient.
Decoder project, pulses, and torsional vibration analysis
Data conditioning with custom-parameterized decoder
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In version 7.0, the “decoder” tool has been extended to a project, where you can combine and save custom-parameterized decoders for any application case. Now you can also decode pulse, trigger, and GPS data and save the latter in KML or GPX format for further processing. The pulse and trigger decoders allow you to prepare data for torsional vibration analysis.
A new editor allows you to precisely define the geometry of pulse sensors, e.g. from within the channel editor. It allows you to define pulse patterns with equidistant pulses, with or without gaps, with non-equidistant pulses, and zebra-tape patterns with or without overlap, as well as the position of top-dead center. That results, for example, in highly precise rpm data, which gives you the option to analyze irregularities in the rotational speed.
Pool project, Data Viewer, and Mark Analyzer
More details for better tailored solutions
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In the Statistics Pool, you can now process data on the basis of different criteria or simply by number. The results of the statistical analysis can be displayed in the Mark Analyzer.
Configuring your choice of diagram settings for Data Viewers and Mark Analyzers in the Destination Pool is now even easier and more convenient thanks to many new options. A particularly useful feature: Your custom settings can be copied and applied to individual or multiple diagrams.
New and customizable layout
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Thanks to its customizable design, the Player can now also be arranged vertically and provides more space for additional buttons and tools, such as the new analog tachometer. Furthermore, you can now save exactly what you are hearing during the playback – including your mark limits, playback filters, or the effects of a playback spot. This allows you to easily conserve hearing impressions or to create candidates for A/B comparisons.
Quick and easier import/export – MS PowerPoint® is not required
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When importing WAV and ASCII files to HDF format, you can now specify an HDF template containing suitable channel settings. The export functions, on the other hand, allow you to export suitable documents directly to PDF, PowerPoint®, or as a series of graphics, without requiring the corresponding target applications to be installed.
Automation Project
More convenience � less effort
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Along with optimizations in some of the existing processing steps (such as mark creation, analysis, filtering, and statistical operations), the ArtemiS suite 7.0 also provides new functions, such as single-number export to Excel® or using HDF templates for imports. Besides that, you can also use command lines to process large amounts of data in batch processing mode without launching the graphical user interface.
HEAD Recorder 7.0
More efficient work with all frontends
In the new version of the HEAD Recorder, assigning channel names has become quicker and easier: They can be specified and saved in advance and then selected from a list linked to Excel®. The HEAD Recorder now also allows you to access the sensor lists as well as the Automation Projects of the ArtemiS suite 7.0. Of course, the HEAD Recorder 7.0 also supports the new frontends
labCOMPACT12 and SQobold.
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