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HEAD News Herzogenrath (Germany), February 28, 2015
Hunting down hums
Deep droning, loud humming – low-frequency noise that is frequently excited and emitted by machines can lead to nuisance. In order to effectively reduce the sometimes very loud noise components emitted by machine parts, it is essential to identify the source of the sound events. The HEAD VISOR PROBE is a useful tool for localizing low frequency airborne sound sources.
Sound radiation of a lawn mower at 100 Hz, not arising from the motor
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At frequencies below 400 Hz, sound waves are emitted with wavelengths of 80 cm or more. In the far field, these wavelengths cannot be resolved precisely enough with the beamforming method, making it impossible to track them back to their source. Measuring the sound pressure level in the immediate near field of the machine, on the other hand, allows the sound to be mapped precisely. Facilitating these analysis procedures is the HEAD VISOR PROBE, which acts as a supplement to a HEAD VISOR system.
The tip of this lightweight and flexible probe carries two microphones, which are guided along the surface of the measurement object. They detect all frequencies emitted by the surface along with their exact location and direction. The current position of the probe is automatically tracked by the three cameras of the HEAD VISOR (Tool Pack 01). For this purpose, twelve LEDs are mounted on the head of the probe, by means of which the system reliably detects the position of the sound source in any orientation. Built-in push-buttons allow measurements of individual portions of the test object, which can be composed into an overall image.
The near-field measurements are evaluated directly in the intuitive workflow of the HEAD VISOR software (see figure above). The HEAD VISOR PROBE thus provides you with a useful solution allowing you to acquire both near-field and far-field measurements in a single recording. In this way, you can evaluate the entire emitted frequency range from 20 Hz to 20 kHz.
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