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  SQobold: complete and compact - Sound and vibration measurement that fits in your pocket
HEAD News Herzogenrath (Germany), September 15, 2015
SQobold: complete and compact
Sound and vibration measurement that fits in your pocket
Performing a quick road test, fast creation of a noise map, or performing an instant noise analysis at the work site: All this is possible with SQobold!
What is so special about SQobold? With its compact dimensions – only 14.3 cm (5.6”) long – and a weight of just 485 g (1.1 lb), our new four-channel recording and playback system easily fits in your pocket. Thanks to its powerful rechargeable battery, SQobold can be operated in stand-alone mode for up to six hours, and it comes with everything you need for mobile sound and vibration analysis. 
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Combined with the calibrated and equalized BHS II headset, it allows quick, aurally accurate recordings of sound events, which can then be analyzed and played back directly on site. In addition, SQobold serves as an excellent sound level meter. Besides the usual level quantities (Leq, Lmax, etc.), it is also possible to measure, display, and save the psychoacoustic quantities loudness and sharpness (according to DIN 45631/A1 or DIN 45692, respectively), for example for soundscape or psychoacoustic applications. 
Besides the headset connector, SQobold provides two BNC inputs, a pulse input, GPS, and the possibility to connect a USB video camera for visual documentation. Data recorded in the field is saved directly to the 64-GB internal memory or optionally to a USB stick. 
Besides its versatility and handy design, SQobold excels with its easy operation via the large, brilliant touch display. This makes SQobold an optimal tool for mobile sound and vibration measurements, ideal for use in soundscape research, NVH applications, noise mapping, environmental noise measurements, and many other areas. 
Binaural recording and playback
SQobold is the logical next step in the aurally accurate recording and playback technology established by HEAD acoustics as a leading pioneer. Combined with the BHS II headset, it allows noise analysis to be performed precisely and reliably and sound events to be recorded just like they would be heard by a human ear.
Two operating modes
Due to its handy dimensions, its low weight, its large memory capacity, and its powerful battery, the high degree of mobility offered by the SQobold makes it the ideal measurement tool for stand-alone applications.
Alternatively, SQobold can be used in the familiar way as a solid HEAD acoustics frontend in combination with the HEAD Recorder and the ArtemiS suite.
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Along with conventional analysis methods, such as FFT or octave analysis, SQobold also supports the standardized psychoacoustic analyses loudness (DIN 45631/A1) and sharpness (DIN 45692).
Furthermore, it is possible to apply real-time filters during playback for targeted on-site analysis, the Q value, cutoff frequency, and attenuation of which can be changed interactively.
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GPS function
The GPS function is an excellent tool for location determination and documentation. GPS values, such as the current speed, can be displayed during operation and saved along with the recording.
The GPS values can then be decoded in the ArtemiS suite, allowing, for example, a measurement route history to be plotted on a Google Earth map. Recordings from several non-connected devices can be synchronized retroactively using the “Merge Recordings” function in the SQobold tools. The beginnings of the recordings are joined with one-sample precision
Sound level measurement function
Used as a sound level meter, SQobold can measure various physical and psychoacoustic quantities (Leq, loudness, sharpness, current level, maximum level, etc.), allowing you to conveniently monitor, for example, the loudness or the sound pressure level directly during the measurement and save it for future evaluation.
Convenient - quick - efficient
The advantages of the binaural technology, the psychoacoustic analysis options, the sound level measurement options, and the high mobility of SQobold become apparent in the wide range of possible applications: noise mapping, soundscape research, NVH, environmental measurements, and many more.
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