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HEAD News Herzogenrath (Germany), March, 2014
Meaningful predictions with PROGNO[I]SE Synchronize
New extension Tool Pack 02 for synchronizing input data
Overlaying transfer paths with proper phase alignment  requires synchronous input data. However, in some cases it can be difficult or impractical to measure all input signals simultaneously. Examples are recordings on different test benches, subsequent partial measurements of modified components, or an insufficient number of sensors or measurement channels.
In these cases, the measured RPM curves are not exactly identical, so a superimposition of the filtered excitation signals can result in audible artifacts, such as beat frequencies, cancelations and spikes. As announced in the last issue of HEADlines (no. 31), the Tool Pack 02 Progno[i]se Synchronize is now available as an extension of Progno[i]se 4.1, our software for Binaural Transfer Path Synthesis. It allows non-synchronized input data to be synchronized for a BTPA/BTPS model of a powertrain.
The algorithm developed by HEAD acoustics calculates new, synchronized time-domain signals by means of an order analysis and synthesis. This eliminates undesired artifacts and ensures that you get an authentic synthesis model. The software is even able to detect configuration errors and displays them in the user-friendly interface, so they can be easily located and eliminated.
Furthermore, in just a single step you can configure the software to produce synchronized recordings of multiple homogeneous measurements, such as for different gears in the same gearbox. In addition, the Tool Pack 02 can be used to virtually slow down or accelerate recordings of engine run-ups.
The new version of Progno[i]se also includes new features, such as a playback cursor for rpm-based analyses. Furthermore, the FFT average analysis is now available in the Result Viewer as required, for example, by the OTPA method applied to stationary tire/road noise.
The software Progno[i]se 4.1 and the extension Tool Pack 02 are now available in our Download Center.
For more information, please use the URL    web site PROGNO[I]SE.
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