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Some application examples for NVH products
The products from HEAD acoustics offer perfectly harmonized solutions for many different fields of application. The documents in this section present a selection of application examples for our NVH products:
Conducting listening tests
The Application Note    "Conducting listening tests" presents different test designs and their advantages and disadvantages.
Furthermore, the paper contains detailed information about the planning and conducting of listening tests. To demonstrate the procedures the listening studio software    SQuare is presented as an example.
Audio laboratory in Herzogenrath
Binaural measurement, analysis and playback
The performance of binaural measurements as well as the analysis and playback are described in the Application Note    "Binaural measurement, analysis and playback". The document explains the benefit and the application of the equalization interface and why the playback equalization may be helpful.
Equalization of an artificial head recording for authentic playback
Psychoacoustics analysis Nach oben
Psychoacoustics describes the correlation of the human sensation of sound with its physical sound field parameters. Thereby, pure physical parameters such as level, frequency, bandwidth, duration or degree of modulation are depicted against aurally-accurate parameters (psychoacoustics parameters). The Application Note    "Psychoacoustics analysis" presents the parameter loudness and sharpness in detail and describes their application in    ArtemiS suite.
Detection of sound patterns Nach oben
Human hearing is particularly sensitive to quick temporal changes in acoustical signals and to spectral structures with distinct maxima and minima. This implies that human hearing actually assesses sound patterns. With the analysis Relative Approach, which is part of the analysis software    ArtemiS suite, such sound patterns can be visualized. The Application Note    "Relative Approach" gives a detailed overview of the analysis and its application.
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