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  ArtemiS suite - Product Description
ArtemiS suite (Code 5000)
ArtemiS SUITE is the universal software solution that allows you to perform virtually any task in the area of sound and vibration analysis.
Enjoy the efficient and natural workflow within ArtemiS SUITE! Our modular software combines all the necessary tools for carrying out comprehensive sound and vibration measurements and analyses.
Discover the extensive functions varying from data acquisition and analyses to reporting – all contained in one consistent software environment.
Hearing and analyzing at the same time is the core of ArtemiS SUITE. The binaural technology permits making use of your own sense of hearing in order to identify noise problems or determine target sounds.
The start page of ArtemiS SUITE offers quick access to the software. Start immediately your work via the direct access to your favorites (e.g. Pool Project) or via the list of last used files
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Characteristic of ArtemiS suite - High degree of user-friendliness
With the clearly structured Pool Project selected analyses are performed fast and easy. The Pool Project is ideal for troubleshooting-tasks: efficient filter, analyses and statistics functions are ready to solve even challenging tasks with minimal training and setup time.
As an alternative to this interactive work approach there are two project types available for recurring tasks: Automation Project and Standardized Test Project. Once configured, a complete evaluation including a report as PPTX or PDF is initiated with the push of a button.
Compact Analysis is an ArtemiS SUITE module which is focused on the basic functions and offers an economical alternative. With this module, even occasional users or users needing a lesser “toolbox” are able to conduct fast and easy evaluations.
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