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  ArtemiS suite - Modules (ASM)
ArtemiS suite - Modules (ASM)
Various ArtemiS suite modules (ASM) extend the functionality of the basic software. Extended import and export possibilities, diverse analyses as well as tools for playback, filter options, CAN data decoding and data management, etc. allow universal customizing of ArtemiS suite for your particular requirements.
ASM 00 Basic Framework (Code 5000)   read more
ASM 01 Basic Analysis Module (Code 5001)   read more
ASM 02 Basic Report Module (Code 5002)   read more
ASM 03 Data Base Module (Code 5003)   read more
ASM 04 Data Acquisition Module (Code 5004)
HEAD Recorder
  read more
ASM 05 Automation API (Code 5005)   read more
ASM 06 Automation Basic Analyses (Code 5006)   read more
ASM 10 Compact Analysis Module (Code 5010)   read more
ASM 11 Advanced Playback Module (Code 5011)   read more
ASM 12 Psychoacoustics Module (Code 5012)   read more
ASM 13 Signature Analysis Module (Code 5013)   read more
ASM 14 Octave Analysis Module (Code 5014)   read more
ASM 15 System Analysis Module (Code 5015)   read more
ASM 16 Advanced Psychoacoustics Module (Code 5016)   read more
ASM 17 Advanced Analysis Module (Code 5017)   read more
ASM 18 Online Analysis Module (Code 5018)   read more
ASM 19 Advanced Filters Module (Code 5019)   read more
ASM 20 Signal Editor Module (Code 5020)   read more
ASM 21 Signal Generator Module (Code 5021)   read more
ASM 22 Standardized Testing Module (Code 5022)   read more
ASM 23 Advanced Import & Export Module (Code 5023)   read more
ASM 24 Data Preparation Module (Code 5024)   read more
ASM 27 Calculation Module (Code 5027)   read more
ASM 28 Data Acquisition Support for DATaRec 4 Module (Code 5028)   read more
Currently, many but not all ArtemiS suite modules are available. In some cases, functions are realized through the ArtemiS Classic application, included in the ArtemiS suite.
Your HEAD acoustics contact will be pleased to assist you with selecting the software extensions required for your individual tasks.
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