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  Video Tutorials - Overview
ArtemiS suite - Video Tutorials
Our video tutorials illustrate functions and procedures of the ArtemiS suite by means of examples. The example projects and the associated time signals are available for download.
Clicking on "Read more" displays information and downloads related to the respective tutorial and allows you to start the video.
Quick Start - ArtemiS suite
Learn how to handle acoustic measurement data with Artemis suite software. Learn the analyzing process from time data recording, measurements preparation, channel selection, the choice of different acoustic analyses, some tricks on statistic functions and the presentation of the results in a data viewer or in PowerPoint. Follow this simple example of a lawn mower measurement to learn how to deal with acoustic measurements and to get started with.
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Introduction to modal analysis
The direct entry into modal analysis. From necessary basic understanding and practical tips on how to proceed, to efficient data acquisition, you will be given the tools to measure data for a modal analysis in ArtemiS suite (ASM18).
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Introducing ArtemiS suite
You are already familiar with ArtemiS suite? If so, we invite you to further improve your knowledge of the functionalities and possibilities. In this playlist the structural set-up and the basic method of operation are explained in detail.
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Properties and functions in a diagram
There are numerous setting possibilities and special functions in the diagram. Watch these video tutorials to learn more about the various functionalities.
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Playback of sound in ArtemiS suite
To improve sounds means to perceive and understand sounds. The Mark Analyzer combined with the powerful Player allow for a quick and comprehensive analysis of the emitted sound phenomena. Both tools are described and explained in detail here.
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Additional useful tools of ArtemiS suite
In this tutorial, valuable additional modules are presented and explained to simplify your work. From data processing through comparing tolerance curves right to subsequently generating an rpm channel – everything is possible.
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Reporting in ArtemiS suite
Work is only finished after the results have been summarized in a report. The intuitive and powerful reporting tool allows you to prepare and compile your data with great flexibility according to the requirements of the project. Particularly with recurring analyses, complete measurement series can be evaluated homogeneously and put on paper.
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Advanced acoustic analysis
Wheeze, howling and buzz noises of machines represent a common problem, especially with gearboxes. Due to these tonal components in the overall sound, the sound quality is reduced significantly.
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